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Frequently asked questions

Missionaries travel the globe to share Christ with the lost. Many pray that Christians will send them Chick tracts in their language because the tracts will allow them to get the gospel into many more hands. Plus, the tracts will stay behind, winning souls long after the missionary leaves.

To get started, write or e-mail missionaries supported by your church (or ask them when they visit). Ask them which language and titles they would like. Then start sending tracts. When you order, just ask us to ship directly to your missionary. You won't need to worry about international shipping. We'll handle it.

"In Peru, we have freedom to street preach, preach in public school systems and nearly anywhere we go. The only problem is that your tracts are so asked for, we never seemed to have enough!" —Missionary to Peru

There are other ways to use tracts in languages other than your own. Here are a few examples.

  • Hand tracts out in Korea towns, China towns, etc.
  • Take tracts with you when traveling overseas, on business or pleasure.
  • Attend international events, such as the Olympics, where many languages are spoken.

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