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Bridge To Babylon
Bible Versions

Rome, Ecumenism and the Bible
Follow the story of the Bible’s controversial history. See how the work of Westcott and Hort inspired various Bible Societies and paved the way for the cause of ecumenical unity between Evangelical Protestants and Rome.

Run Time: Approx. 171 min. Available on DVD.


Tares Among the Wheat
Bible Versions
Rome & The History of Higher Criticism
Most of what today’s Bible scholars believe about manuscript evidence is based on a few events from the 19th century, and the footnotes in your Bible are the proof of it.

Run Time: Approx. 170 min. Available on DVD.


Is Your Bible Missing Something? Volume 2
Bible Versions
Bible publishers are slowly changing the Bible, and few are noticing!
Modern Bibles disagree in key verses and about crucial doctrines of the Christian faith. Which Bible can we trust? This DVD contains 57 videos by David W. Daniels on 9 different Bible topics. See what's changed in modern Bibles and learn how to show friends which Bible is God's Word
Run Time: Approx. 281 min. Available on DVD. English Subtitles


Is Your Bible Missing Something? Volume 1
Bible Versions
In this collection of 8 short videos, author David W. Daniels gives specific examples of words, phrases, and even whole verses removed from modern Bibles. Viewers are often shocked by these changes. Originally released on YouTube, these videos are now compiled on one DVD making it easy for viewing where an internet connection may not be available.
English Subtitles - Available in DVD


The Light of the World
This 78-minute film takes you on an unforgettable journey, showing the Biblical account of the creation of man and the entrance of sin into the world. See why Jesus Christ came to earth and how He dealt with the sin issue once and for all. Follow the Lord's life, from His miraculous birth to His agonizing crucifixion and glorious resurrection. Lost people will suddenly realize the horrible price Christ paid for their sins, and understand why He is the only way to heaven.
Subtitled - Available on DVD


Tract Animation DVD: 'The Sissy' and 'Tiny Shoes'
Two of Jack Chick's popular stories come to life on DVD!
"Tiny Shoes" and "The Sissy," are now available as animations. Get them both on one DVD.


A Lamp in the Dark
The Untold History of the Bible
A Lamp in the Dark is an exciting new documentary that unfolds the fascinating "untold" history of the Bible, revealing critical information often overlooked in modern histories.
Available in DVD


The Good Test
This thought-provoking DVD uses the Ten Commandments during live interviews with young people to illustrate that nobody measures up to God's standard for getting into heaven. Viewers also learn how Jesus Christ paid for all our sins and is the only way to heaven.
Subtitled - Available in DVD


Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged

Making Evil Look Innocent - Millions of American schoolchildren have a new subject in school: witchcraft!
Available in DVD


Messages From Heaven (Spanish Only)
A biblical examination of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary and other supernatural activity in the end times.
Subtitled - Available in DVD


Catholicism: Crisis of Faith
Testimonies of former priests and nuns highlight this soul-winning video that presents the gospel in a loving fashion.
Closed Caption - Available in DVD


The Secret World of Mormonism
The Mormon church looks Christian, sounds Christian, and identifies itself with the virtues of family values, patriotism and wholesome living. But when you have finished watching this video you will understand one thing very clearly...Mormons expect to gain entrance into the "celestial" kingdom by a means very different than faith in Jesus Christ.