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Ten Questions from the King

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Author: Mark Cahill
ISBN: 9780989106535
Price: $9.99 US
Pages: 208 - Paperback

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Packed with insights and tips for walking closely with Christ and sharing truth with others

See how asking simple, yet profound, questions can open the door for witnessing opportunities.

Jesus used questions with His disciples, the religious leaders of Israel, and regular people to bring them face to face with their personal choices in the light of eternal truth. We can do the same.

See how Mark Cahill's real-world evangelism finds him in conversation with a man who thinks he’s on his last of 8.4 million lives. Or the Jewish atheist professor who teaches religious studies at a Christian university! And the questions people ask Mark are surprising as well.

This book is perfect for a Sunday school class, small group discussion, personal study, or for reading front to back. It contains eleven weeks of material with questions at the end of each chapter to facilitate meaningful discussions for any sized group.

As with all of Mark’s books, this one is his same enjoyable and conversational style, which so many have come to love and appreciate. His exceptional knack for making profound truths simple will leave you thinking about life and eternity long after you have finished the book.


Chapter 1: Do You Have Major League Faith?

Chapter 2: Is Jesus Your Cornerstone or Stumbling Stone?

Chapter 3: Are You Bringing People to Jesus?

Chapter 4: What Is Stored Up in Your Heart?

Chapter 5: Who Holds the Keys to Your House?

Chapter 6: Are You Digging Deep?

Chapter 7: Are You on a Search and Rescue Mission for Christ?

Chapter 8: Are You Able to Pay the Price?

Chapter 9: Whose Honor Are You Seeking?

Chapter 10: Will You Take the Step of Faith?



"Thanks for the book, Ten Questions from the King. It is truly your best work yet! I can’t put it down. I have only read the first 5 chapters but I’m re-reading each page several times! I’m soaking it up like a sponge." — Jimmy W.

"Thank you for the blood, sweat, and tears you put into making this book a blessing to me and countless others and pleasing to our wonderful Lord. While reading it, I have been convicted, blessed, strengthened, and encouraged in the Lord. I believe that many who read this book will grow in their relationship with Him and have a desire to please Him with loving obedience to His Word!" — Cindy L.

"I love this book! It is full of wonderful questions, answers, challenges, and a reminder of those eternal Scriptures. I found it exhilarating and energizing! I can hardly wait to share these books and challenge others to start asking questions. Thank you for encouraging me in my faith and my witness." — Dawn P.

"THANK YOU so much for the book and the DVD! Excellent, excellent, excellent, my brother! So well done, and I appreciate your creativity and passion for our Risen King Jesus!" — Lee

"Mark, I just read the digital sample of 'Ten Questions' and you’ve done it again! I can’t wait to get this book in my hands. I’m old school so digital is tough for me to read but it was worth it. Thanks for your investment in the Kingdom through the training and writing you do. Thanks again." — Richard

"This is Mark Cahill’s best book yet! It can motivate anyone of any age to witness to others. The stimulating questions throughout leave you thinking hard about how you are living your life. In Mark’s inimitable and conversational style, the reader learns true-life evangelism by taking their cues from the way Jesus Himself interacted with the lost and the religiously proud. This book is one you don’t want to miss." — Dennis H.

"Mark’s book Ten Questions from the King was so captivating that I finished it in several hours, mainly reading in waiting rooms while taking friends to doctor appointments! Each chapter is inundated with scriptures and Mark’s personal testimonies, two of my favorite things to read! I appreciate the fact that Mark doesn’t just tell you HOW and WHY we should witness, he practices what he preaches on a regular basis and therefore gives personal examples rather than just pulling illustrations off the internet.

"Each of the ten questions caused me to search my heart and ask myself if I was truly giving Jesus 'my all' or just 'the leftovers.' Each chapter also gave tidbits for how to witness to people of different religious beliefs. For example, I’m currently witnessing to a Jewish family and there was a plethora of information for how to show them that Jesus is their Messiah.

"The last testimony in chapter ten was icing on the cake for me, which I won’t tell about due to 'spoiler alert'!!! Because of that testimony, I truly grasped the concept of the 'ripple effect' by planting the seeds of the gospel. One quote that stuck out for me was:

"We have no idea what God will do with the seeds we plant. Conversely, think about what God cannot do because a seed has not been planted." Wow!!! I went witnessing the next day and was able to apply the questions mentioned in the book to the conversations I had with passersby.

"A fire was definitely lit under me by the time I finished the book! Praise God!" — Linda G.

"Wow! These challenging questions that Mark Cahill pitches to believers in Jesus Christ are like fast balls over the plate. I was both seriously engaged and encouraged as Mark presented his thoughts about evangelism, which are drawn from his studies of Jesus’ interactions with the religious leaders, His disciples, and the common people during His world-changing ministry on Earth. Mark is a seasoned veteran at sharing the Gospel, and like a coach, he has a heart to train and strengthen fellow believers to reach the people around them for Jesus Christ. Mark’s book is a real-world playbook to equip us for big-league evangelism. We gotta hustle! Time is short!" — Cindy H.

"This book is the best book on evangelism that I have ever read! Its focus is to keep an eternal perspective with every soul you meet and in every conversation you have. The simplicity of that, in itself, is convicting. I’m excited to put these ten questions from the Master of evangelism into practice and to see His great work carried out." — Janet Z.

"Discipleship, Evangelism Training, and Faith Building are all rolled into this one book! Mark has used the premise of ten questions to challenge us all. As believers and followers of Jesus, this book helps us to remember that our purpose in God is continuing to dig into His Word and to live it out daily as it says in Jeremiah 33:3. For those considering who God is, this book will answer many questions and point to the Truth in every way!" — Lauri N.

"This book demonstrates exactly how evangelism should be done — with the civility of asking questions! It’s amazing how simple questions can become powerful tools that open doors to giving out truth to others. As Mark says, ‘People have to think about eternal matters before they can be saved.’ How simple it is to ask, ‘Why do you believe what you believe?’ Asking questions takes all the pressure off of talking to others. I’m hoping my simple questions will become ‘pebbles in the shoes’ of the people I meet! Read this book! What are you waiting for?" — Sally W.

"The most thought-provoking book Mark has written yet! No matter where you are in your journey of faith, be prepared to be challenged. You will be confronted with topics that cannot be ignored and compelled to respond with a sense of urgency to life’s most important questions. A must read!" — Dave F.

"Having come out of the false belief system of Mormonism, I found that few Christians were able to give reasons for their faith. This book exposes the traditions of men and explains the Christian life from the Bible. All Christians, especially our youth before leaving home, need to know what they believe and why they believe it, so they can be effective witnesses for Christ in the world." — Kathy S.

"The emphasis in this book — the questions that Jesus asked — makes this book thought-provoking and challenging. The application is clear, whether responding ourselves to the questions that Jesus asked or utilizing the same technique of asking questions in our witness. Asking questions ought to be a vital part of evangelism, and Mark Cahill has highlighted that very well!" — Kristen N.

"Insightful and engaging — an excellent study for everyone who loves truth!" — Diana B.


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